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The Journal for Half Asians

(everyone is welcome to be a member, though)

Half Asian Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for half asian people or people who are at least partially asian.
This is not a rating comunity.

The objective of this community is... to help half asians meet other half asians. Many of the people in this community have never met other half asians outside of ther own family. To give you a place to share pictures. To help you network and meet new Livejournal friends. To talk about your experiences growing up with two different cultures. Just simply a place to have fun!

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Moderators: roxy99ed & itastica

  1. If your pictures are large or you are posting a lot of pictures, type <lj-cut> in the beginning of your entry
  2. Please do not post nude pictures of the pornography sort. If they are artistic, then it might be permissible. If you are not sure, please ask a moderator.
  3. If you are advertising a community, please ask a moderator first.
  4. You may only post about your community one time once you have permission to post (everyone hates spam). Unless it is approved to be posted more often.
  5. Racism will not be tolerated. Furthermore, if you don't like half asians or are against "race mixing", then please just don't join.
  6. Do not harass other members. This includes personal journals.
  7. Do not violate the LJTOS.
  8. Do not post pictures of other people claiming that they are you.
  9. Tell your friends about halfasians. Post an entry in your journal if you'd like
Violators of these rules will be banned
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